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    By Bus:

    There are direct busses between Nan and Bangkok (Transport office & Sombat tours), Chiang Mai (Greenbus), Chiang Rai (Public bus), Phitsanalouk (Win Tour), ea. There is also a direct minibus service between Huay Kon (Laos border crossing) and Nan (see section “Nan to Laos” on this website for more information).

    For the departing busses (except for the local- and mini-busses) you require to make a reservation at Nan bus station. Especially in the weekend and high season busses can be already full if you arrive just in time, so best is to make a reservation the day before, or as early as possible.

    Opening hours bus station: 07u00 till 17u00;

    Nan Guesthouse is about 800 meters from the bus station so you can walk (see map on this site) or take the song taew, taxi or motorbike taxi from the bus station (80/30THB);


    By Air:

    Flights are only available to and from Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

    There are 2-3 daily flights between Nan and Bangkok (Nokair) and one to and from Chiang Mai (Kan-air). For plane fares, times and tickets please check online, call, or visit the ticket office at the airport:

    To Bangkok: www.nokair.com, tel: 1318

    To Chiang Mai: www.kanairlines.com , tel: 054775299.

    The airport is app 3km/15min from the guest house, to get to or from there you can take a (meter-)taxi or song teaw (app. 100THB).


    By road:

    Nan is at the end of the 101 road that starts all the way in Khampeang Phet, and passes Sukothai, Phitsanolouk and Phrae.

    When you drive into Nan from the south on the 101, keep going straight into town until you reach the T-junction, turn right on Mahaprom and after 400m the soi 2 to the guesthouse will be on your left.

    If you arrive from the North (Chiang Rai, Payao, Huay Khon) follow the signs to Wiang Sa and Phrea (101), and just before the National museum turn right into Mahaprom rd.. After 200m the soi 2 to the guesthouse is on your right.


    GPS Coordinates Nan Guest House: 18.777751, 100.769700


    (see the map on this site for more information)


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    High season is from November till February. For reservations please contact :
    E-mail to :  nanguesthouse@hotmail.com
    Mobile : (66)9 3179 4497  (66) 5477 1849
    Address : 57/15 Mahaprom Rd., Muang Nan THAILAND 55000.
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